CDN 1900 / year for an iPhone in Canada

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Fred Brunel has a very clear post about the iPhone monthly plans that Rogers Mobile has devised for it’s canadian subscribers. You may read it all but Fred does the awful math :

The premium plan, comes at $115 per month with a cap of 2GB and 800 minutes of voice.

To the initial fee, you have to add $15 for the caller ID, $0.50 for 911 services and $6.95 of access fee. With taxes included, you’re going to pay almost $160 per month. More than $3000 at the end of the mandatory 3 years contract.

CDN 160 per month * 36 month engagment does roughly CDN 5760 that could be translated to CDN 1920 per year. With such a money trap – but a so exquisite piece of hard+soft – Rogers is simply freezing all it’s high end market. Do they need this time to update their data network? Nope.

In fact, they have decided to wait for a cheaper version when the iPhone was introduced last year because they perfectly know how Apple’s gizmo, if unleashed on the market, will damage the BlackBerry sales… and profitable e-mail push plans.

Poor plan.

I hope that they sell their RIM shares as soon as the market and increasing number of jaw broken imports prove they were on the wrong horse.

  1. Stephane Daury 28 June 08 at 12:11 pm
    With a stock in decline, they just missed an incredible opportunity to change that course. In the end, such greed will actually hurt their shareholders bottom line. That message will be stronger than any online and printed complaints we can come up with.

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