Co-dev: the subject is the subject

I just red « the ignorance of crowds » by Micholas G. Carr, an article where the author of « Does IT matter » disputes the validity of « co-creation models » introduced by the free software communities. To make it short, there is no evidence that a gathering of goodwill and enthousiasm can produce innovation and vision.  Over referencing Eric Raymond’s « Cathedral and the Bazaar », Carr deflates the management theories that expect to mimick the hierarchies of the Linux community. Well, I think that any serious manager would not even expect anything from the transversal approach when it comes to something else than pure optimization. To be efficient, communications at work have to be formalized and therefore cannot vehiculate « in progress » concepts. Co-developpment models often hide the REAL PRICE and value of communication: the linux community, a good example, is fueled by people that have the time and ressources to spend hours reading billboards and forums. How can all the new experts of the clusters and cooperation models sell concepts that are based on extra costs that have never been accounted for ? The crowd ingenuity is certainly a fair way to compensate on a flawed hierarchy but it is certainly not a development model. Whoever has been involved in associative or design teams activities knows that it takes 3 or 5 people to actually run an operation and that everything else actually springs out from the inetegrity of this core group. The true revolution in management would certainly come from a revolution in HR that actually build and optimizes groups instead of single profiles. Can you see a business matching business here ?


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