Managing mediocrity

Well, this article by Margaret Heffernan for the Fast Company sums up the ten signs of incompetence for a manager. I usually hate the A-list type of articles but this one is so straightforward that I felt it might be useful for those who deal with weak business performance. As misery needs company, it also requires safety exits and smoke generating techniques. The incompetent is usually not. He might even be over competent at saving his chair and ass. That’s mainly why he or she is dangerous, like a snipper in an alley. When an uncompetitive situation manages to set itself up for a while, the strongest powers are located in the mecanisms that actually can clutter the whole thing. Immobilism and self-integrity are true power generators for the happy few that can benefit from situations where they have the time and energy to setup their clogging devices. That’s why I have to disagree with point 8.


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