We must fear nothing but penetrating music

No, this post is not about the volume of good noise coming from your iPod straight into your cochlear bones but the strong tendency of posing-as-documentary film producers to abuse music to add weight to their claims. Have you noticed how the base melody of the song « Brazil » follows Mike Moore every time he enters a government office ? And would « Loose Change » had this much impact without the four piano notes that follow the speaker’s voice ? Now that documentary editing uses the full palette of digital compositing, the soundtrack has to evolve acordingly. And that’s where the problem is : strong emotional-rendering parts are not so numerous. So, when a producer needs to achieve a top impact message delivery, his crewmembers pick into the same good stock that everybody uses. The « genre  » is so self-referning that all documentaires nom look and sound like the worst propaganda. Take a look at this one and tell me if you actually believe in the good intentions of the producers.


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