Now this is MyTube

As a confessing Youtubaholic, I went to accidentally discover 5min this morning and loved it. This « beta » totally web 2 site wants to be called a videopedia and manages to actually demonstrate it’s concept. Yesterday, I was interviewing Romain Bedard, editor in chief of the canadian portal « Canoë » about the developpment of video content on existing information portals. He was confident in the fact that online video could be « something else » than just lo-def television remakes. Canoë has initiated a « mobile journalist » crew that delivers first-person videos in a vast array of styles and fits them in the sections of it’s portazl. 5min goes beyond this approach by mixing online video and a kind of « easy e-learning » editorial approach that is actually more centered on personal expression than pure news information. They also have a very cool player. Will they manage to keep the editorial diversity that the beta shows ? I hope so.

UPDATE : YouTube goes the editorial section way too (the link on this may be found as soon as Scoopeo goes back to life…)

4 Responses to “Now this is MyTube”

  1. 1 frenchouay octobre 29, 2007 à 3:56

    You should wrote « canoë » (french) or « canoe » (english).

  2. 2 fredotcho octobre 29, 2007 à 6:14

    Citation is the typical dilemna with bilingual blogging. As I read the french version of Canoé, I prefer to refer the french word with full accentuation.

  3. 3 frenchouay octobre 31, 2007 à 12:07

    Sans vouloir couler ton « canoé »,
    le logo français du portail comporte un tréma.c-a-n-o-ë 🙂

    …Ce que ne dit pas la page d’accueil
    avec son logo mal assumé

  4. 4 fredotcho octobre 31, 2007 à 1:05

    :)))) Vu le volume d’erreurs de frappe et d’anglais mal tourné de ce petit blog, un tréma ne saurait nuire. Je retifie de ce pas.

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