On scientific racism, gerontocracy and media fraud

There is an excellent article by Cahal Milmo for The Independant about James Watson, an american DNA researcher and Nobel prize winner that spoked his mind recently about the difference in intelligence between humans « races », specifically the populations of Africa.

Now, what is wrong there :

  • A 79 years old white american with major professionnal achievements but also a long story of loud voices and media accidents interviewed while travelling to England
  • A respected person of science that elaborates on intuition rather than rational facts
  • a media relay that knows that such assumptions are a perfect firestarter for controversy and good sales
  • An assertion that actually says that all the monkeys on the planet do not throw the stick the same way.

I feel very uncomfortable with a world that just can’t stand racism as an expression of the actual difference among us. As an albino, I have experienced unvolontary racism from many people and learned how to bypass it. I also learned the price of this bypass in terms of personal tranformation. Therefore, I do agree on the fact that physical differences may render intellectual differences. At least, I’d be interested by what the behavioral sciences may find here. The media play that we face in this case is very dangerous because it sells the surface of a story. After all, NGOs and antiracism groups are living on the flawed policies of the G8’s funds to help africans.

We must make a choice here, either listen to people with twice our age or just consider that some questions are no more allowed in this world. 



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