Brain damaging editorial knockout

I was baffled to watch a very strange piece of television programming airing daily on the Global Network Television of Canada (at least it’s Montreal relay station). The name is TKO standing for Technical KnockOut. Co-hosted by a pair of over enthousiastic happy people, this « magazine-like » piece of crap TV manages to last up to 30 minutes on three sections of totally brain-dead pseudo tech information. It’s like reading an average all-audience gadget blog while skipping all the three-sylabus-and-over words. You couldn’t actually call it  informercial as it doesn’t directly warps you to the usual phone-sale mayheim but it definitely does not account as editorial information material. Does it run on product placement ? Is it just made of reused Lo infotech material ? Are we yet in the age of flat EEG TV ? Is there and audience for this ?


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