Chicken conversions

Daily enlightment comes one post at a time. Today, I red a year of « Homegrown revolution » and came to the end of this partticularly good post. The last paragraph goes like this: « Do you know how many chickens you can get for the price of an iPhone? Two hundred. »

The californian howegrown revolution-fed blogmens secure their plans :« Of course your deluxe $100 iPhone calling plan will only pay for around 400 pounds of chicken feed a month, so the fiscally prudent will trim that flock down to around 65 chickens. ». Surely, the conversion thing produces a lot of impact: 65 chickens is about a year supply of fine meat for a well-organized family of four. How can we invest that much in a single phone ? Can such a phone bring us a full year of meat for free ? As it sure can for some of us, the chickens we eat are some sort of antibiotics-fed zombies instead of the pleasurable birds that enjoy crossing the roads for no reason.

When I was a kid, I used to go to farms around my village during holidays and chicken farming was part of the obvious scenery. Thirty years later, it is almost impossible to find a single chicken there. Where are they ? The homefed chicken has been converted from an easy to grow protein source to a sound+smell agression that has to be produced « elsewhere ».

In fact, when it come to chicken farming, I know a bit more than the usual KFC addict and nothing compared to the average african or asian child. The value of their knowledge could be worth millions of iPhones if we had to go back to local production. Am I ready to pay up to TWO iPhones to get some knowledge about chicken farming ? YES.

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