Mattel® on the road

The toys and games of our childhood may have a stronger impact in our lives than we think. Take this collection of pink cars from English Russi: this is pure Barbie® lust from the Moscow and St Petersburg oligarchy.

It’s a well-known situation among the car collector specialists to see gray-haired wealthy men trade a bit of their fortune for a replica of the dream car or real lemon of their happy youth. But, as the poor-to-rich pace shortens acording to the market performance, the notion slides accordingly and money-makers in their 30s or 40s favour full size toys as their proof of success. The success of the Hummer brand is a tribute to Action Joe and Tonka brands marketing. Some other incredible trends such as this, that or even that say a lot about Hot Wheels range weird sense of proportion.

Now, please have a look at what your kids are playing with and imagine the world accordingly… or just try.


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